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Stop Learning English, Start Speaking It.

The ideal method that fires up your English in any professional situation

You want to be convincing in your presentations and meetings


You want to be seen as a clever professional with innovative ideas


You want to be impactful in your digital and intrapersonal interactions with anglophones


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The Benefits

From each session you will:

Gain self confidence

No more second-guessing yourself before, during or after your presentations.

Transform how you see yourself speaking English

Be as comfortable in English as you are in your mother tongue in all situations

Crush your limiting beliefs

Masterfully handle and lead your meetings.

Stop identifying with past judgements

Reverse the trend by creating positive outcomes

Raise awareness on mistakes

See what has created overwhelm and stress so you can back gracefully

Get your message across with impacting words

Use expressions that anglophones recognize while being concise and clear

Crush your limiting beliefs

Crush your limiting beliefs masterfully handle and lead your meetings.

Get your message across with impacting words

Get your message across with impacting words and expressions that anglophones recognize while being concise and clear

Your limits are begging for your kindness not rejection

About me

Leonilda Renaldo

For the past 13 years Leonilda has supported executives hailing from North & Central America, France and Switzerland who want to uplevel their careers in the luxury, pharmaceutical, arts and services sectors.

Transitioning her career from academia to business management and now coaching, she understands the barriers managers face when they want to uplevel the way they communicate by staying true to who they are, quirks and all.

She holds a Masters in Teaching Methods from Andrews University in Michigan, is trained in personal development and certified in public speaking, Leonilda works at bridging the gap between where you want to be and where you are with game-changing tools.

She grew up in a Dominican family in a multicultural neighborhood in Bronx, New York and has been living in Europe since 2001.

“I believe that the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare”

Maya Angelou
What it feels like to dare

They’re talking about it

Learn with an innovative and modern touch

How is this approach different?

Start speaking from day one regardless of the level
Let go of past experiences that no longer serve you

Because you have places to go and people to meet, here’s how we serve you in 3 steps:

Step 01
Measure the gap between where are and take you where you want to be.
Step 02
Enable you to use vocabulary that will set your brain on fire and impress others.
Step 03
Build your confidence so fears of mistakes disappear.
Final Step
Daring to speak English in any professional situation
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Our mission is to teach you to dare

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